Warehouse Conversion to Production Facility

After 3 months of design and six months of construction, a former warehouse has been successfully converted into a production facility. Although the exterior of the building hasn’t changed much, the interior has totally changed as more and more equipment has moved into the facility. The owners goal was to free up space in the main production facility so the core manufacturing efforts would have room to expand. By moving all the machinery and personnel involved in manufacturing accessories for the core product, the manufacturer reclaimed approximately 20,000 square feet of prime floor space. This also allowed for the accessories manufacturing to install additional equipment to meet their production goals.

Because the design team’s responsibilities also included construction administration and surveillance during construction, an abundance of photographs and videos were available to document the conversion of the facility.

From the mechanical engineer’s point-of-view, I assembled some of the important highlights of the conversion to further document the installation of the mechanical and plumbing systems. The video below highlights the construction and conversion of this warehouse into a production facility. (It takes a moment to load.)

If you have questions about this renovation, please feel free to contact Pro Engineering. We would love to assist in enhancing your facility.

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