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New Compressed Air System

Virginia Beach, Virginia


A local manufacturing facility needed to replace the air compressors that support this 1,000,000 square foot facility. The existing system consisted of seven 100 HP screw type air compressors which were located in two equipment rooms. Interconnected piping routed through the plant and was undersized at several locations due to the continuous plant expansions. This intent of this project was to move all air compressors to a central equipment room and provide a minimum of 2N system and equipment redundancy. The facility had to continue production with no down-time due to the project.
The selected system was water-cooled screw air compressors, a water-cooled modular dryer, a cooling tower with redundant fans and modules, a redundant pumping system, piping and controls. The water-cooled system minimized air flow and negative-pressure in the equipment room. The new air compressors would consist of one variable speed 450 HP unit, two 400 HP constant speed units and one 300 HP air-cooled unit that was to be reused. All of the units were oil flooded screw-type air compressors.
At the beginning of the construction, two nitrogen generators had to be relocated to make room for the installation of the new air compressors before any demolition work could begin. Additional work included providing a new six-inch main header through the facility to connect to the two existing headers to reduce total system air pressure drop. New digital flow stations and blow-down stations were also provided.
The project is currently being bid and a contract is expected in the summer of 2019.


401 Normandy Court
Virginia Beach, Virginia


Phone: 757-630-2863